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Atlas Shingles

Atlas Shingles

The Pickle is a certified Atlas Shingle Pro Plus Platinum pro. We want the best for our customers, that is why we only use Atlas Shingles! They have a 135MPH wind rating, Scotchgard guarantee, and lots of color choices! 

Workman Ship Warranty

25 Year Warranty

50 Year Warranty


Atlas Roof & Home Design Studio

Their software will automatically prepare the image of your home for you so you can start designing a new look for your home right away. A new look for your home is just a click away!​

Scotchgard Technology

Scotchgard Technology

Atlas shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Technology are designed to help prevent black streaks caused by algae. The shingles maintain their beautiful appearance for years, helping the home preserve its value.


Atlas Shingles have a variety of colors to choose from. You are sure to find the perfect color shingle to fit your style.

Our Happy Customers

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